The Teachers’ Coach

Supporting Teachers Through Times of Change and Challenge

Choose to overcome the overwhelm and find your way forward.

Are you one of the 52% of teachers who in a recent NEU survey, who said that their workload was “unmanageable” or “unmanageable most of the time”?

Have you been tempted to join the 40,000 teachers who have resigned from state schools in the last year?

How would it be if you could develop a tool kit to help you to manage your workload effectively, be able to find time for the children in your class and allow you to be the teacher you truly want to be?

You can choose to  overcome the “overwhelm” and find your way forward.


With my guidance, you will…


Understand and prioritise your own mental health and well-being.

Set a positive example and be a role model for the young people you teach.


Learn the power of language to communicate positively and effectively with colleagues, parents and students.

Understand the impact and potential of positive self-talk.


Identify your limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back from doing what you want to do.

Let them go and create new empowering beliefs.


Get back your passion for teaching and remember what inspired you to become a teacher.

Be that teacher!

Do you ever feel like your brain is completely full? Is it as if just one more thing will cause it to explode?

This coaching will give you the opportunity to assess, and then to move away from what you don’t want and towards to what you want.

About Me

I’m Trish and I have been a teacher for 26 years and I have always loved my job.

However, I too have suffered stress and overwhelm. I have been a part of the academic yearly cycle, the highs, the lows, the utter exhaustion and the slow comeback during the holidays (or should we call them recovery periods?) to return in September, energised, full of ideas. It’s an emotional roller coaster and it’s exhausting.

However, I have discovered a technique that has helped me and now many other teachers to find ways to smooth out the ups and downs, to remain emotionally consistent, calm and even (dare I say it?) in control.

Coaching and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) have opened my eyes to how we can recognise and manage our responses to situations. Which in turn enables us to control how we deal with the day to pressures that teaching brings.

And now I want to share this discovery with you.

So how can coaching help you?

Coaching can help you to find the tools and support to manage your workload effectively and help you to set achievable goals and reach them.


Develop Resilience & Confidence

Coaching will help you develop your resilience and confidence in both your private and professional life.

Manage Your Stress

Coaching will enable you to cope with stressful situations and challenging people (yes even children!).

Learn How To Detach

Learn to emotionally detach from your troubling events when you need to.

How can we achieve this?

I offer more than just coaching. Through the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I can help you to understand how your mind works. Why you are overwhelmed, emotionally drained and exhausted?

And even better, I can help you to see how your mind can help you to change that state of mind.

How does that sound?


I was delighted to work with Trish in her exploration of coaching. As a volunteer coachee I learned the difference between mentoring and coaching and Trish gave me the space and the prompts to clarify my own thoughts. It is very rare in leadership to have the time to explore motivation and get to the roots of how you prioritise. Trish encouraged me to explore my own thoughts and reach decisions that were rooted in my own values.

I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Trish – it was a real luxury to be able to explore thoughts and avenues of possibilities without the need to make an immediate decision. I feel my time with her has shown me the value of taking time to investigate alternative solutions before making a decision that may not be in line with my core beliefs. I hope to have further opportunities to work with Trish as my coach and to extend this opportunity to other members of school staff.


Head Teacher

When I started my sessions with Trish, I had never worked with a coach before, so was naturally a little hesitant. Trish was warm and friendly, welcoming and relaxed. She put me at ease from the outset. Trish took time to explain the coaching process, and gave me time to talk through what it was I wanted to take from our sessions.

Trish’s positivity and warmth gave me the space I needed to focus on what was important to me, and how I could achieve it.

Trish helped me to identify my goal, visualise my goal and formulate a plan to move towards my goal drawing on, and reminding myself, of skills and attributes I hadn’t realised I had.

By the end of our sessions, and with Trish’s support, I felt more positive, more aware of what I have to offer friends, family, colleagues, and much more motivated both personally and professionally.

Trish was the perfect cheerleader and guide through my journey of self discovery.



I have now had 4 or 5 sessions with Trish and I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I have had counselling before, both in a more talking type counselling where I’ve trawled back through the past, but also CBT. I have gained various things from those approaches depending on where I have been in life, but coaching was a different approach that encouraged me to take a more positive approach to a very specific part of my life.

I found it challenging, mainly because I have some, if not all, of the responsibility for thinking and making decisions on myself, where I would have taken more ‘comfort’ from having someone tell me what I should do. Trish was great at explaining the ‘coaching’ approach, and helped me, through really clever and targeted questioning, to identify a goal for our sessions, something positive and attainable. It’s a work in progress, but it has cemented the idea that I can take some of the ownership and control and responsibility for my goals and what I want.

Coaching is challenging, and isn’t easy, but Trish has been great in ensuring the challenge doesn’t feel too overwhelming.



Trish is an incredibly talented, natural coach. She has an amazing ability to see and understand the real me because she listened, I could really confide in her. She provoked thoughts and provided visual tools and techniques so that I could identify my own strengths and weaknesses. She supported me to set myself appropriate goals for the next session and followed up my progress in relation to these goals. During our sessions I learnt loads about myself as Tish helped me to see my own potential, worth and gave me the courage to continue to pursue my dream of training to become a teacher. She guided me to identify smaller manageable tasks whilst developing my confidence to feel that I can succeed and not doubt myself. Her questions challenged me to think about actions I needed to take for my own personal growth and change.

After every coaching session I felt motivated, confident and ready to face the challenges of juggling family life, work and university as well as taking time to focus on my own needs and desires.

Thank you Trish!


ECT Teacher

So you can see, working on changing some of these internal messages will change your emotional responses, how you feel and you act.

In short it will…


Change your life!