The Teachers’ Coach

For Headteachers and School Leaders

As a school leader, you play a vital role within your school. You are responsible for the performance and development of not only the pupils, but also the staff you work with every day.

How would it be if you could find a way to create an environment where all staff and pupils feel valued, motivated and empowered to reach their full potential, allowing them to develop not only themselves but also their peers and colleagues around them?

As a leader, you are already aware of the possibilities of coaching as a professional and personal development tool; coaching will support individual members of staff, leadership teams and of course, your young people to grow personally, academically and professionally and they will achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and for your school.

school leaders and head teachers

Coaching will help you and your leaders to:


Identify a focus and reflect on and review practice


Develop a school wide improvement strategy


Grow a culture of collaboration


Promote the development of leadership skills and professional learning


Support teachers in ways that target pupil outcomes


Provide teachers with opportunities to reflect on their teaching practice, identify areas for improvement and develop new skills and strategies to enhance their teaching effectiveness

What might be holding you back?

You can’t measure results and prove impact

Valued staff – effective teaching – improved pupil outcomes.

There is no time – we are too busy

Coaching sessions can take place throughout the school day or remotely at a time appropriate to the teacher.

Coaching is a valuable way to provide CPD for your staff.

It will take too long

Using NLP provides quick results. The subconscious mind is working for us all the time leading to quick, noticeable improvements in mindset

It’s just another new idea or gimmick

Businesses and corporations have been using coaching for years to develop their staff, Business coaching is a highly proven and effective strategy.

Coaching programmes are now provided for headteachers – why not your staff? Why not your children?

I can’t get everyone coached

Coaching for key members of your team will create a coaching culture within your school; staff and children will begin to communicate more effectively and in effect start coaching each other.

We’ve tried it before – it hasn’t worked

Specific coaching for well -being using the power of NLP to change mindset is powerful and effective.

Cost is prohibitive

Consider how much you spend on sickness brought on by stress. Be proactive and support your staff’s mental health.