The Teachers’ Coach

What is NLP?

When we buy a new washing machine, kettle or TV they come with an instruction manual. We may not use them at first but often when things go wrong with the appliance we turned to the manual come up make a few simple adjustments then everything goes back to working effectively. Occasionally we do need to call in a professional but most of the time – with the help of the manual-we can work things out for ourselves.

When we are born, we are gifted with a wonderful brain -a brain so powerful we only use a small percentage of it for most of the time.

Neuro linguistic programming is an instruction manual for the mind. NLP helps us to understand how our mind works, explore our values and beliefs and become aware of how we see the world.

So when things become challenging – and they will because that’s life – with NLP, you have something to turn to and even just knowing that some small adjustments will help can make all the difference to the way that we feel.